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Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
11 April 2008 @ 09:46 pm
Update on my life:

I going to King's in the fall, to be overwhelmed by philosophy and awesome.
I am going to get my Bachelor of Journalism, with a combined honors in French.
I am going to Brazil for a half a month.
I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of dating Glen Matthews.
I am writing a play.
I will be starting a new blog soon.

Livejournal existed in an entirely different chapter of my life. An important chapter, but a very different one than I am in. I'll never delete it, and I'll still probably read what those of you still have to say on here, but consider this my official Livejournal Closure. It's been a slice.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
08 July 2007 @ 12:12 am
upon which i stand.

i'm headed to Lunenburg tomorrow for a whole week.
during my stay i will see such attractions as "The Lunenburg Craft Festival" and "All the Places Glen has Vandalized".
i'm so proud.

we will, however, be making an appearance back in Hali next friday for the White Stripes.
im so friggin excited about that.
the white stripes were the band that ushered me out of my hip hop phase.
i got the Elephant album for my birthday in the tenth grade, and it destroyed me with its awesome.
also, apparently i might be distantly related to Jack White, as his father is from Cape Breton and has the same last name as my nana. so that's weird.

my mother is crazier than ever before.
i don't know how that happened.
i thought she might tone it down after my brother's graduation party last week, because at least then she had an excuse for all the crazy.
but no, no, it seems she's decided to ride the Crazy Train all the way home.
today she expressed significant worry over the idea of me riding my bike down a hill.
my father just looked at her in disbelief.

oooh, in other news, i finally bought a bicycle!
it's purple. and has a pink and purple basket.
it's mostly the bomb.

so we're officially in the Fringe?
or so i'm told.
that's pretty cool.
we should probably start rehearsing soon, no?

i'm...supposed to be packing.
because i'm leaving for a week (and a day) and that requires muchos clothing.
somehow, livejournal will always be a vehicle for my procrastination.

i'll see you cats in a week.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
22 June 2007 @ 12:33 am
is it just me, or has livejournal gotten it's second wind? or maybe i'm just paying more attention to it now than i was earlier. i know, i know, i sold my soul to facebook. but it was worth, i tell you. granted, i don't know how much i trust these "applications" things. they seem a little shifty, methinks. i've never been one to accept change.

i went on the Harbour Hopper for the first time yesterday, just like an RL tourist. the best part of the tour was when we were actually on the water, and now and then water would spray up onto the boat and drops would hit passengers who were in front. meanwhile, the tour guide (a rather theatrical young man named Bobby) would just laugh carelessly and say something like "well, that's the risk you take by coming on the harbour hopper!", as if said passenger wasn't probably in the process of developing some sort of flesh-eating disease. the locals know better, Bobby. the locals know better.

tomorrow, i'm going to go jogging. i'm going to also finish the rights letter for Tough!.

and i'm going to hang out with The Falve. that will be my reward for doing the first two things.

know who's great? joe cocker. i was listening to one of his albums while i was driving home the other night, and i have decided he is my new guilty pleasure.

in other news, my employment is making me dislike people. not all people. mostly just strangers. ignorant strangers in particular, i.e. EVERY PATRON WHO COMES INTO MY STORE. i'm terribly torn between wanting to earn zee moolah and wanting to keep my sanity. it's a terribly conflicting situation. although, i know in the end i'll take the money, seeing as how there's no substantial proof my sanity was ever really present to begin with.

yesterday, i got my first sunburn in two years. melanoma, here i come.

i love hammocks.
and jeremy piven.
and Obi-Wan's son.
and "Paris, Je T'aime".
and how glen no longer lives at the Y.
and writing in my livejournal again?
and that part of the evening where you can't tell if it's warm or cold.
and my lack of social skills (jessica, ask me about my simon henderson encounter).
and neopolitan ice cream.

and now, if you'll excuse me, my "Welcome Back, Kottar" boxset awaits.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
poor, neglected livejournal.
i have decided to post, even though a while ago i believe i pledged to use the word "livejournal" to describe things that are dead. Example: myspace is sooo livejournal.
but i feel like that's a pathetic note to end my livejournal on.
well, maybe not "end" per se, but if i totally and completely abandon this journal forevs, yo, i'd rather go out on more of a not-so-untrue note than my last entry? good? yes? thanks.

so. where to begin.
i don't even know what exactly i'm trying to chronicle.
this year? school year, i mean. it's going to be decades before i can successfully think of a "year" as not being a school year.

i'm in a completely different place than i ever thought i would be when i started PPTP. this "year" has been...definitely the most interesting one i have ever had.
yes. definitely, i would say.
in a way that was entirely, entirely necessary.
which i'm thankful i can recognize now, as there was quite a while where i spent so much of my time being angry. i was like an anger-machine. a machine o' anger, if you will. i would like to formally thank all the people who put up with Machine O' Anger Kristin, and did not eject me from their lives. it's muchos appreciated.
but it's like we go through our lives thinking we know what we're worth, thinking that we value ourselves and like ourselves and blah blah blah blah, and then one day we realize the things we do are entirely contrary to that idea.
that sounds lame. but it's true, i guess.
i don't have it all together. i don't. not by a long shot. i'm a fucking actor, for god's sake, that's not how we roll. by definition, i'm kind of a mess. but a crazy, happy mess.
maybe it does make perfect sense. you risk being punched in the stomach over and over again because if you don't risk it, you're a vegetable. a fucking vegetable. and maybe you won't end up getting punched in the stomach over and over again, and whatever, maybe you will. and maybe you'll fall for a boy in your class and maybe he'll look at you like he honestly never wants to punch you in the stomach, ever. metaphorically speaking, of course. literally, he knows i could take him in a fight. zing!

but i'm genuinely excited for everything that is going to happen to me.
not that i have any sweet clue what that is.

my next year plans are here and there:
there is some stuff figured out in terms of shows, and the Fringe application has been submitted. beyond that...i might take some classes at Dal that i could transfer to a theatre degree once i tend to that, and then i might be able to start at second year York. or i might do NSCC's two year broadcast journalism program, or at least the first year of it. i don't know yet. we'll see.

there's a lot of things that could go down.
but i think it's gonna be okay.

it now seems i have written a short novel.
i'm an awfully ramblesome girl.
i don't even know if any of these things make sense. maybe i'll wake up in the morning when my eyes aren't so blurry from the computer screen and realize i sound like an after-school special and make this entry private.
either way, it's nice to have these things documented, right?
and with that, to bed i go.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
03 March 2007 @ 11:54 pm
do human beings actually do this to themselves on a regular basis?

it seems terribly silly. it's like punching yourself in the stomach over and over again or something.

is it just that they forget that in the end, they will get punched in the stomach over and over again?


makes me glad i have a good memory.

i realize i haven't posted on livejournal since september.
but it seemed fitting, no?
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
22 September 2006 @ 01:17 am
anyone who would like to employ me will be my new best friend. seriously.
i hate job hunting already, and i have barely even started.

so yes. as you can probably conclude, i have made plans to leave Rogers Video once i find new employment. since what was once a palace of fun has turned into creepy dungeon of work. since my new boss thinks i'm a goof, and on top of that she seems to lack important social skills. since i'm not getting enough hours there.
it's incredibly depressing once you realize you are living your life on the wrong side of a harbour.
i need to work in halifax.
dammit, i need to LIVE in halifax.
this..."dartmouth" thing...it's bad.

my dad: kristin, you can't just go get a job in halifax!
me: why not?
my dad: because, then you'll have to take the bus home in the dark!
me: dad, it's gets dark at 5:30 in the winter, but that doesn't automatically make barrington street dangerous.
my dad: there's a big difference between barrington at 6 and barrington at 8.
me:...not really. there are still people outside walking around at 8, you know.
my dad: street people!

the problem is that i still have the best part time job in dartmouth, it's just that job isn't so great anymore. thus, any job i would get here would be trading down. down-trading seems like a not-so-hot idea.
i already applied to Bisquit, and i'm going to apply to some other places in Halifax too, i guess.

my classes start monday.
i'm so excited.
on saturday i'm going to buy lots of things in celebration of this.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
17 September 2006 @ 01:03 am
it has been almost a month since i last posted. and thus, a post.
i promise that eventually i really write those "why i like you" posts. cross my heart and kiss my elbow.
but...not tonight.

Metric was awesome. just awesome awesome awesome.
it was like one big pool of sweat and crazy dancing.
they played "soft rock star". it was beautiful.
emily haines is hot.

countdown time!
1 week until i get graduated license.
1 week and a day until PPTP.
3 days until i work again.
8 seconds until i get so mad at living in Dartmouth that i take drastic measures*.
*drastic measures to be decided upon the end of the 8 seconds.

what else?
oh, i finished Buffy! which made me feel triumphant for about a minute. then i realized i missed watching Buffy and felt sad. tis a conflicting life i lead.

i actually am really excited about starting PPTP.
it's like they've plucked everyone from the maritime theatre community i would like to be taught by. plus, i'm so immensely pumped about how theatre is going to be my education. this is definitely the perfect thing for me to be doing right now, and i really wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

i will post more often. je promis.
meanwhile, there is sand in my sock.
i think i'll go to sleep.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
28 August 2006 @ 12:19 pm
i don't want to be a dirtbag, so----

1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

i'll post a real live entry sometime soon, i promise.
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
10 August 2006 @ 11:46 pm
if my livejournal were a child, Child Services would take it away from me due to neglect.

i am now midway through season 6 of Buffy, for those of you who are keeping track (...most likely none of you). my addiction has intensified to the degree that i have successfully designed a lifestyle which allows me to watch 2-4 episodes per day, and still maintain an actual life. besides, a wise man once said--- "At least it's not crack-cocaine."

in other news, i am going to take a kick-boxing class. this should come in handy once we finally get the Buffy musical up and running, and i have to use my super slayer strength.

the other two thirds of Ginicaristin may or may not have been successfull in their "Get Kristin Slaney Drunk" mission on sunday night. i'll never tell. they probably will, though. they're quite proud of themselves.

speaking of which, every time i try to text message jessica barry in nowheresville it says "ERROR SENDING MESSAGE" in threatening red letters. i don't know why i'm mentioning it here. i guess it's because jessica is not around for me to express my distaste with her cell phone and it not picking up my messages. but if i could tell her, that would make text messaging her unnecessary anyway.

this summer has turned itself into awesome. i just thought that deserved some acknowledgement.

EDIT: it's almost half-past one, and i'm watching the E! True Hollywood story of New Kids on the Block and eating chocolate.
i'll never forget the episode of that band reunion show, where they were trying to get ye olde New Kids(???) to reunite for one concert. the outcome of that episode was one of the biggest disappointments ever. damn you, Donnie Wahlberg, and your wanting to focus on your "acting career"! damn you straight to hell!
Little Rock' n' Roll Queen
03 August 2006 @ 10:52 am
oh my poor, neglected livejournal.
i find it mildly ironic how as soon as i actually have things to write about, i have no time to write about them. it's tricksy, i say, but is just fine by me.

last night i learned that even if ghosts are nice, i probably should try to never live with one due to the fact that i'm kind of nuts and blame every noise that takes place in the house on said ghost. it's a bit unfair of me, i suppose.

Memorial keeps sending me mail and implying i'm going there in the fall. that is not true in a blatant sort of way. seems like a strange choice on their part. maybe they think i'm playing hard-to-get. i should sit them down and explain to them that "i'm just not that into them".

the only tan line i have is on my feet, from my sandals. oh, the irish. we so crazy.
someone once told me that the percentage of irish people who get melanoma when they move to Australia is 99%. i think that's probably not true. i should look into it, perhaps. not that i was really intending on moving to Australia anytime in the near future.

i feel like i should warn you all, i am the crazy eights champion of the world. very slow business at Rogers Video has helped me make this realization. challenge me and feel my wrath.

i have now made it to season 5 of Buffy, which is wicked since i was on season 3 two weeks ago. i have replaced any and all regular TV watching with it. so if you bring up a really good episode of a show that is actually still on TV, i'll probably respond with a confused look and then i'll say, "that reminds me of on Buffy, when..." insert clever spike anecdote here.

my Metric ticket has been purchased. it's gonna be the awesome.

but now i need to go eat some cereal, as soon i will be taking "the Dartmouth ferry into the town".
well, in all honesty, i'll probably just take a bus.
but then i don't get to quote senior plaskett, do i?